Have a Happy Christmas

by banishing damp in your home

CHRISTMAS is coming and we all know how expensive it can be – buying gifts, a Christmas tree, the turkey and all those trimmings plus drinks for friends and relatives who might pop in over the festive period.

It’s a time of furious hard work – all that shopping, wrapping and cooking – and for relaxing in front of the telly when the Big Day is over. But, all the time you’re celebrating Christmas, damp could be wreaking havoc in your home.

It’s easy to spot if you know what to look out for.

While you’ve been hanging decorations around the house, have you noticed the odd damp patch discolouring the wallpaper?

Can you smell something musty that no amount of Yankee candles can get rid of? Is your paintwork peeling? Maybe the skirting boards are flaking bits of rotten wood.

You might not like to hear this but your home is suffering from damp. And that could mean big bills if you choose to ignore the warning signs.

So, get up those ladders and check the gutters for leaks and be on the lookout for faulty plumbing and condensation caused by poor ventilation.

And don’t forget – contact Holland Damp Proofing if you think you have a real damp problem.

My experience of 10 years of fitting damp proofing has shown that the sooner you tackle damp the better.

Evert de Graaf, MD, Holland Damp Proofing

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