Career Appraisal

Whether or not one is making progress toward a goal, the implementation of a career strategy can provide useful feedback to the person. This feedback, in conjunction with feedback from other work and nonwork sources, can enable a person to appraise his or her career. Career appraisal is the process by which people acquire and use career-related feedback to determine whether their goals and strategies are appropriate. The information derived from career appraisal becomes a vehicle for career exploration that continues the process of individual career management.

The career-appraisal process may lead to a reexamination of career goals. More precisely, the feedback one obtains from work or nonwork sources can reinforce or lead to the modification of a goal. Career appraisal can also affect strategic behavior, since feedback might indicate that one type of career strategy is effective and should be maintained while another strategy is ineffective in achieving a career goal and should therefore not be pursued in the future. Regardless of its particular source, the information derived from career appraisal completes the individual career-management cycle by becoming another source of exploratory information that can enhance one’s awareness of self and environment.

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