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Monday April 21st 2014

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Akapana Pyramid

Akapana Pyramid

A- Watch and/or listen to the video below and choose the right word.
One thousand years before Columbus they were pyramid builders, warriors, the architects of an empire in South America. The Tiwanaku lived in the valley of lake Titicaca for 15 hundred years and then their civilization 1 _____ leaving behind only stone ruins and the 2 _____ mystery of their passing. The center piece of Tiwanaku’s spiritual power was the Akapana pyramid. Surrounding the pyramid, cities and temples was a 3 _____ maze of channels and ridges. Though they look like irrigation ditches, they were far too complex. The mystery of their purpose is one that archologist Alan Kolata had been struggling to solve. Kolata had a 4 _____ and to prove it he asked the local farmers to plant crops along the channel banks. Then the archeologists and the farmers let in the water. Crops crowded and began to grow. But then a 5 _____ frost hit the altiplano. It devastated other fields but the crops planted along the canals were not affected.


“The key to the 6 _____ of these, for this raised field system, are really these canals that you see here all around me. What is important about them is they function like 7 _____ solar collectors. If you touch this water, you’ll see it’s warm enough to bath in it and it’s trully remarkable and here we are up at 14000feet and that’s really the key to the system. It really prevents frost from damaging the crops that would be growing up on these field platform surfaces here.”

The mystery was solved the Tiwanaku had found a way to control the environment of the valley itself. Their canals stored heat during the day and 8 _____ it over the fields at night. This remarkable system provided the wealth to built an empire and to keep it for over a millenium. But then amid growing political 9 _____ the empire began to decline. For the Tiwanaku it was the end but for the local farmers it is a new beginning. Secure from the frost the raised fields prove to be seven times more productive providing hope for a better harvest and 10_____ for their ancestors wisdom that has returned from the past.

A) vaned  B) vanquished  C) vaporized  D) vanished
A) emerging  B) enduring  C) energizing D) enforcing
A) cast   B) blast  C) vast  D) last
A) hunch  B) hump   C) hunt  D) hint
A) trembling  B) trivial  C) torturing D) tremendous
A) satisfaction  B) sophistication C) sanitation D) solution
A) gigantic  B) gigged  C) fantastic D) exotic
A) rallied  B) radiated  C) raged D) rumored
A) tubinal  B) terminal  C) tangible D) turmoil
A) pride  B) proud  C) penal D) prime

B- Mark the statements as True (T), False (F) or No Information (NI).
1- Akapana Pyramid was discovered by Columbus.
2- Civilization of the Twinaku was destroyed by some unknown outsiders.
3- Akapana pyramid had a religious significance for the Tiwanaku.
4- The channels were suspected to have been built by aliens.
5- Alan Kolata revealed the method to protect crops from frost.
6- The Twinaku had fierce battles with its neighbours.
7- Local farmers found the method used by their ancestors inefficient.
8- Water can store heat.

C- Match the words with their definitions.
….civilization       A) confusing network of paths
….spiritual            B) good sense and judgment
….irrigation         C) highly developed society
….maze                  D) of the soul
….devastate         E) stock
….store                  F) supply area with water
….wisdom            G) damage severely

D- What do the following words refer to?
1- “they” in line 1 refers to
2- “they” in line 3 refers to
3- “he” in line 7 refers to
4- “it” in line 9 refers to
5- “it” in line 12 refers to


A- Watch and/or listen to the video and choose the right word.
1 D) vanished
2 B) enduring
3 C) vast
4 A) hunch
5 D) tremendous
6 B) sophistication
7 A) gigantic
8 B) radiated
9 D) turmoil
10 A) pride

B- Mark the statements as True (T), False (F) or No Information (NI).
1- NI
2- F
3- T
4- F
5- T
6- NI
7- F
8- T

C- Match the words with their definitions.
….civilization    C)
….spiritual         D)
….irrigation       F)
….maze                A)
….devastate       G)
….store                E)
….wisdom           B)

D- What do the following words refer to?
1- “they” in line 1 refers to The Twinaku
2- “they” in line 3 refers to channels and ridges
3- “he” in line 7 refers to Alan Kolata
4- “it” in line 9 refers to frost
5- “it” in line 12 refers to heat

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