American Indians

A- Watch and/or listen to the video below and choose the right word.
They were the first people 1 _____to live in north America. Exactly when they came and how they arrived is still a     2 _____ but many scientists believe that as long as 30000 years ago some hunters from Asia walked or sailed along the coast of a land bridge that once connected Russia to Alaska. Their 3 _____ became known as native Americans or American Indians. As they spread out over the vast continent, native Americans 4 _____ to living in different regions and hundreds of unique cultures were born. The plains Indians hunted buffalo by 5 _____ them over cliffs. On the northern pacific coast tribes like the Haida and Kwalhioqua sailed the ocean and fished. They cut down giant red cedar trees for their houses dug out canoes and ceremonial totem poles.


When the first white settlers arrived in the 1500s about a million native Americans lived north of Mexico but the outsiders changed everything. Diseases from Europe such as smallpox and tuberculosis 6 _____ out entire tribes. Settlers began to claim Indian land for themselves. Some tribes resisted and fought back, others attempted to cooperate. In the end the result was the same. In the late 1800s the US government forced the remaining Indians to leave their traditional homelands and live on tracks of land called 7 _____. Over the next century native Americans continued the fight for their rights through political activism. Today there are more than 550 federally recognized tribes in the US. Native Americans are working to improve living conditions on the reservations and to 8 _____ their languages, religions and cultural identities. The Potlatch a religious ceremony that was once 9 _____ by the Canadian government is being held again by the Kwalhioqua. On the Navaho reservation some ancient ways are blended into modern lives. This sand painting              10 _____ the cloud people. It is being created to pray for the safety of a group traveling by airplane. Other native American artists are reviving their tribe’s traditional art forms, a movement which could help these unique cultures survive into the next century.
A) never  B) newer  C) fever  D) ever
A) mutiny  B) mystery  C) mythology  D) monument
A) ascendants  B) ancestors  C) descendants D) respondents
A) adapted  B) adopted  C) addicted  D) adhered
A) stated  B) stampeding  C) starved  D) stammered
A) wired  B) wished  C) wiped  D) withered
A) reservations B) resentment  C) residents  D) residences
A) persevere   B) preserve  C) pretend  D) prevail
A) bummed  B) banked  C) banned  D) barged
A) depicts  B) describes  C) detests  D) deforms

B- Mark the statements as True (T), False (F) or No Information (NI).
1- Indians used to live in Russia.
2- Asia and America might once have been a single land mass.
3- American Indians were separated into different tribes.
4- White settlers were all from Europe.
5- All of the Indians were hostile against the white settlers.
6- The Indians were totally wiped out by the new comers.
7- Today, Native Americans have all the rights as American citizens.
8- Indians are trying to follow their old cultural practices.

C- Match the words with their definitions.
…. spread       A) who somebody is or what something is
…. unique       B) flourish again
…. tribe           C) intermingle
…. resist          D) extend widely
…. identity     E) only one
…. blend          F) fight against somebody or something
…. revive        G) social division of people

D- What do the following words refer to?
1- “Some hunters” in line 2 refers to
2- “outsiders” in line 6 refers to
3- “others” in line 7 refers to
4- “ancient ways” in line 11 refers to
5- “it” in line 12 refers to



A- Watch and/or listen to the video and choose the right word.
1 D) ever
2 B) mystery
3 C) descendants
4 A) adapted
5 B) stampeding
6 C) wiped
7 A) reservations
8 B) preserve
9 C) banned
10 A) depicts

B- Mark the statements as True (T), False (F) or No Information (NI).
1- F
2- T
3- T
4- NI
5- F
6- F
7- F
8- T

C- Match the words with their definitions.
…. spread     D)
…. unique     E)
…. tribe         G)
…. resist        F)
…. identity   A)
…. blend        C)
…. revive     B)

D- What do the following words refer to?
1- “Some hunters” in line 2 refers to American Indians
2- “outsiders” in line 6 refers to White Settlers
3- “others” in line 7 refers to other tribes
4- “ancient ways” in line 11 refers to old traditions
5- “it” in line 12 refers to sand painting