Climate and Weather


A- Watch and/or listen to the video below and choose the right word.
Climate and weather together they are among the most 1 _____ forces on Earth. One can influence where and how we choose to live, the other often 2 _____ what we do, where we go and what we wear each day. Climate refers to the average weather conditions of a place over a long period of time. The Earth has six main climate 3 _____. Some are mild and inviting like the Mediterranean climate of southern Europe, others are harsh like the 4 _____ deserts of northern Africa and the frozen tundra of Greenland. Through history climate has often played a part in where people have chosen to settle. In the ancient world some of the first 5 _____ human communities occurred in places with 6_____ climates but humans have long had an amazing capacity to cope with more 7 _____ and challenging climates.


Today with widespread use of refrigeration for foods and of air-conditioning and heating for homes humans can survive in all climates including the frozen deserts of Antarctica or the 8 _____ heat of death valley California where temperatures can 9 _____ above 130C. Weather, on the other hand, refers to the day to day conditions of the Earth’s atmosphere at a particular place and time. Weather can be glorious or annoying. It can also be 10 _____. Severe weather can destroy homes and property, cripple transportation, ruin crops and create 11 _____ for people caught in its path. In the United States weather causes on average more than 11.4 billion dollars in damages each year. About 15 percent of that damage occurs in Florida alone, a state that sees more than a chain of , floods and tornadoes. An 12 _____ weather forecast can make it possible for people to prepare for severe conditions before they strike. In cases of hurricanes, tornadoes and floods a warning can save lives by giving people time to get out of harm’s way. With so much at 13 _____ atmospheric scientists called meteorologists are working with new technologies to find better ways to forecast the weather. Powerful computers process atmospheric information to create weather maps and models. Radars 14 _____ on the move and can detect rain up to 250 miles away. Weather satellites look down on the Earth from space monitoring everything from cloud cover and 15 _____ to lightening strikes and fluctuations in the temperature of the oceans. There are even research planes that fly into hurricanes to help scientists learn about the inner workings of some of the planet’s deadliest storms. In some cases the study of meteorology can be a nail biting adventure as scientists risk their lives to study tornadoes and other dangerous weather phenomena. As scientists continue to study weather patterns and behavior we can expect to find more ways to predict its course and the next time severe weather strikes perhaps we will be ready.

A) intellectual  B) influential  C) infallible  D) infectious
A) deforms  B) detrain  C) determines  D) detests
A) zones  B) zoom   C) zonk   D) zoaria
A) aril   B) armed  C) arid   D) air
A) permeable  B) permanent  C) perishable  D) permitted
A) hostile  B) hospitable  C) hospitalize  D) hostler
A) serious  B) serial  C) serenity  D) severe
A) blazing  B) blathering  C) blessing  D) breathing
A) soar   B) sound  C) soul   D) sand
A) distressing  B) distracting  C) disastrous  D) devastating
A) hawk  B) have   C) haul   D) havoc
A) acute  B) accurate  C) actual  D) action
A) stake  B) steak  C) steal  D) stale
A) trail  B) tramp  C) track  D) trap
A) preparation  B) participation C) penetration  D) precipitation

B- Mark the statements as True (T), False (F) or No Information (NI).
1- The climate of a place stands for its general weather patterns.
2- Climates all over the world are almost the same.
3- Dangerous hurricanes occur in all parts of the United States every year.
4- An area might be uninhabited because of climatic conditions.
5- Natural disasters are a result of global warming.
6- Computers can not predict weather accurately.
7- Weather research can sometimes be dangerous.
8- Tornadoes kill thousands of people each year.

C- Match the words with their definitions.
…. mild            A) extremely bad or dangerous
…. ruin             B) the direction or route along which something travels
…. severe        C) pleasant and temperate
…. detect         D) hit
…. fluctuation  E) to cause something to be destroyed
…. strike          F) to notice or discover the existence of something
…. course        G) constant unpredictable change in the level, degree, or intensity of something

D- What do the following words refer to?
1- “The other” in line 2 refers to
2- “some” in line 3 refers to
3- “its” in line 13 refers to
4- “they” in line 16 refers to
5- “their” in line 23 refers to



A- Watch and/or listen to the video and choose the right word.
1 B) influential
2 C) determines
3 A) zones
4 C) arid
5 B) permanent
6 A) hostile
7 D) severe
8 A) blazing
9 A) soar
10 D) devastating
11 D) havoc
12 B) accurate
13 A) stake
14 C) track
15 D) precipitation

B- Mark the statements as True (T), False (F) or No Information (NI).
1- T
2- F
3- F
4- T
5- NI
6- F
7- T
8- NI

C- Match the words with their definitions.
mild C)
ruin E)
severe A)
detect F)
fluctuation G)
strike D)
course B)

D- What do the following words refer to?
1- “The other” in line 2 refers to weather
2- “some” in line 3 refers to climate zones
3- “its” in line 13 refers to severe weather
4- “they” in line 16 refers to hurricanes, floods, tornadoes
5- “their” in line 23 refers to scientists

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