A- Watch and/or listen to the video and choose the right word.

These scientists are digging for fossils. 1 _____ bones tell the story of dinosaurs, animals that were once living 2 _____ and appeared on Earth some 225 million years ago. Dinosaurs 3  _____ planet for 150 million years, much longer than people have existed. If you took all the time from the moment the dinosaurs appeared until now and shrunk it into a single day then at midnight dinosaurs first walked the Earth. They are 4 _____ at noon and don’t go 5 _____ until 5 in the afternoon. In contrast, the first modern humans don’t appear until a minute and a half before midnight. Dinosaurs came in many shapes and sizes. The smallest dinosaur was less than 3 feet long. The largest were plant eating giants called Sauropodas longer than a city bus. This Sauropod called Gibaria weigh close to 50000 pounds. To 6 _____ its enormous body it would endlessly 7 _____ branches and leaves and swallow them down a 20 foot throat. That’s a neck as high as a two-storey house. With each step a weight greater than an eight ton 8 _____ ball would hit the earth. Despite their 9 _____ size dinosaurs share some 10 _____ with modern animals.


Like today’s reptiles most, if not all dinosaurs, laid eggs. This Oviraptor died while sitting on her nest. Its mate probably brought food to the nest like birds do. The mother tended her eggs and like a bird she 11 _____ them into a circle. Many plant eating dinosaurs lived in herds probably to defend themselves against the meat eating or carnovares dinosaurs who hunted them. But 65 million years ago something happened that brought an 12 _____ end to the dinosaur age. No one knows exactly why but in a mass extinction dinosaurs suddenly vanished. Most scientists think the killer came from outer space. A giant comet or asteroid 13 _____ into the Earth throwing massive clouds of dust into the atmosphere. As the planet were cold and dark, the dinosaurs died off. Though the last prehistoric dinosaurs have long gone, scientists believe their 14 _____ may live on. The skeletons of certain dinosaurs like these are 15 _____ similar to modern birds. The common ancestor of these birds was probably a small two legged meat eating dinosaur. As the digging and research continues, each new find may help prove the dinosuars did not really go extinct after all. The birds are in fact living breathing and flying dinosaurs.


A) Fosilized  B) Capsulized  C) Mercerized  D) Optimized


A) creditors  B) crenations  C) creatures  D) criminals


A) demolished  B) determined  C) domesticated  D) dominated


A) flowering  B) flourishing  C) flattering  D) floating


A) instinct  B) distinct  C) extinct  D) verdict


A) sustain  B) contain  C) maintain  D) retain


A) grip   B) grasp  C) grap   D) grid


A) rocking  B) wrangling  C) wrapping  D) wrecking


A) dramatic  B) gigantic  C) pathetic  D) agitating


A) treats  B) trends  C) traps  D) tramps


A) prided  B) proded  C) priced  D) prosecuted


A) corrupt  B) abrupt  C) erupt  D) interrupt


A) crushed  B) smashed  C) smacked  D) crashed


A) precedents  B) ascendents  C) descendents  D) ancestors


A) strongly  B) strangely  C) slightly  D) strinkingly

B- Mark the statements as True (T), False (F) or No Information (NI).

1- have been living on earth for more than 200 million years

2- The dinasours were the first creatures on earth.

3- Dinasours were almost the same size.

4- Some of the features of dinasours resemble those of modern animals.

5- The larger a dinasour was, the more meat it consumed.

6- Scientists do not know exactly how dinasours disappeared.

7- It is likely that dinasours haven’t really become extinct. 8- All dinasours were mammals.

C- Match the words with their definitions.

…. In contrast      A) before recorded history

…. swallow            B) a period in history

…. herds                C) huge

…. age                    D) of a large number

…. massive            E) large group of wild animals

…. prehistoric       F) take in food

…. mass                 G) unlike

D- What do the following words refer to?

1- “plant eating giants” in line 9 refers to

2- “them” in line 11 refers to

3- “Its” in line 16 refers to

4- “themselves” refers to

5- “the killer” refers to




A- Watch and/or listen to the video and choose the right word.

1 A) Fosilized

2 C) creatures

3 D) dominated

4 B) flourishing

5 C) extinct

6 A) sustain

7 C) grap

8 D) wrecking

9 B) gigantic

10 A) treats

11 B) proded

12 B) abrupt

13 B) smashed

14 C) descendents

15 D) strinkingly

B- Mark the statements as True (T), False (F) or No Information (NI).

1- F     2- NI     3- F     4- T      5- F      6- T    7- T     8- F

C- Match the words with their definitions.

…. In contrast                G) unlike

…. swallow                     F) take in food

…. herds                         E) large group of wild animals

…. age                            B) a period in history

…. massive                     C) huge

…. prehistoric               A) before recorded history

…. mass                          D) of a large number

D- What do the following words refer to?

1- “plant eating giants” in line 9 refers to Sauropodas

2- “them” in line 11 refers to branches and leaves

3- “Its” in line 16 refers to Oviraptor

4- “themselves” refers to plant eating dinosaurs

5- “the killer” refers to a giant comet or asteroid

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