Parties vs Health


A- Watch and/or listen to the video and choose the right word.
Parties are a part of life in our twenties. We all know smoke can 1 _____ the lungs, but smoke isn’t the only 2 _____ here. Our hearing is under threat too from loud noise. The problem is deep inside the ear. The 3 _____ sensory hairs in the cochlea or stereosilia turns sound into nevre impulses. Loud noise destroys these 4 _____ cells. The hairs that respond to high frequencies are the most affected may be because high pitched sounds 5 _____ their foundations more violently.


The effect is too small to notice. But the frequency range of our hearing is already 6 _____. Another source of damage is . As we 7 _____ alcohol into our blood stream, it affects both our organs and our state of mind. It raises our blood pressure and makes our heart beat irregular. We relax, lose our 8 _____ and coordination. These symptoms are 9 _____ of chemical reactions in the brain, especially in this region, the cerebellum. It controls coordination and balance. When we drink, alcohol affects the cerebalum’s brain cells, some synapses accept the signal more frequently, 10 _____ become totally blocked. The more we drink, the more extreme the effect. It may feel great now, but there will be a price to pay later. After a party it is our livers that clean up the 11_____. The liver is the body’s biochemical control center. It performs more than 500 functions. One of them is to 12 _____ poisons like alcohol into harmless chemicals. The process 13 _____ water and the liver doesn’t care where it takes it from. Usually it is the brain that suffers most 14 _____ it is seventy percent water. Water and 15 _____ salts are sucked from the brain and it shrinks away from the skull. We experience a very particular kind of headache, a hangover.
A) destroy   B) deteriote   C) demolish   D) damage
A) harm   B) harmony  C) hazard   D) havoc
A) fragile   B) fractional   C) fluent   D) functional
A) irriversible   B) irrelevant   C) irreplacable   D) irresistable
A) shake   B) shade   C) shrink   D) share
A) spoiling  B) shrinking   C) spilling  D) spreading
A) attain  B) abandon  C) assure  D) absorb
A) insistance  B) inhibitions  C) instinct  D) insomnia
A) confrontations B) consequences C) conradictions D) contributions
A) others  B) another  C) the others  D) other
A) mess  B) mass  C) mist   D) mask
A) conquer  B) convene  C) convert  D) converge
A) realize  B) resemble  C) requires  D) recede
A) since  B) science  C) sin   D) silence
A) essence  B) essential  C) esteem  D) especial

B- Mark the statements as True (T), False (F) or No Information (NI).
1- during parties has the most adverse effect on health.
2- The sensory hairs can not be replaced once damaged.
3- High frequency sounds gradually weaken our hearing ability.
4- Alcohol has both mental and physical benefits.
5- Alcoho addiction ruins the livers.
6- We can avoid the harmful effect of alcohol by drinking water.
7- Alcohol is toxic for our bodies.
8- The loss of water in the brain is the main cause of hangover.

C- Match the words with their definitions.
…. range   A) to contract or lessen in size
…. hazard    B) something that restrains, blocks, or suppresses
…. fragile    C)the extent to which or the limits between which variation is possible:
…. convert    D) a sign or indication of something.
…. symptom    E) an unavoidable danger or risk, even though often foreseeable:
…. shrink    F) to change (something) into a different form or properties.
…. inhibition    G) easily broken, shattered, or damaged.

D- What do the following words refer to?
1- “Their” in line 3 refers to
2- “it” in line 4 refers to
3- “These symptoms” in line 5 refers to
4- “Them” in line 9 refers to
5- “the process” in line 9 refers to


A- Watch and/or listen to the video and choose the right word.
1 D) damage
2 C) hazard
3 A) fragile
4 C) irreplacable
5 A) shake
6 B) shrinking
7 D) absorb
8 B) inhibitions
9 B) consequences
10 A) others
11 A) mess
12 C) convert
13 C) requires
14 A) since
15 B) essential

B- Mark the statements as True (T), False (F) or No Information (NI).
1- F
2- T
3- T
4- F
5- NI
6- NI
7- T
8- T

C- Match the words with their definitions.
…. range       C)
…. hazard     E)
…. fragile      G)
…. convert    F)
…. symptom D)
…. shrink      A)
…. inhibition  B)

D- What do the following words refer to?
1- “Their” in line 3 refers to hairs
2- “it” in line 4 refers to alcohol
3- “These symptoms” in line 5 refers to effects of alcohol on the body
4- “Them” in line 9 refers to functions
5- “the process” in line 9 refers to conversion of alcohol

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